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Mud by TomatsuTheEliatrope Mud :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 8 1 Congratulations by TomatsuTheEliatrope Congratulations :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 9 12 Bribes by TomatsuTheEliatrope Bribes :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 8 0 CONTEST ENTRY: @Artstarmi's Design Contest by TomatsuTheEliatrope CONTEST ENTRY: @Artstarmi's Design Contest :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 11 7 Doodle Dump #2 by TomatsuTheEliatrope Doodle Dump #2 :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 14 8 I'm just that humerus, aren't I? by TomatsuTheEliatrope I'm just that humerus, aren't I? :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 5 2 Falling by TomatsuTheEliatrope Falling :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 8 10 I'm Here For You by TomatsuTheEliatrope I'm Here For You :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 13 5 Art Trade- V by TomatsuTheEliatrope Art Trade- V :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 19 6 Doodle Dump by TomatsuTheEliatrope Doodle Dump :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 10 2 Not As Innocent As She Seems by TomatsuTheEliatrope Not As Innocent As She Seems :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 11 4
Wakfu-HogwartsAU Short
*Please excuse me if I forget anyone or get their character's personality wrong. Please correct me if I do so I can do better next time*
The lights emmiting from the school glowed more vivid and brighter the closer you travelled down the road. You travelled by foot, which was unnatural in normal circumstances for first years. They were known to travel by boats rather than taking the hike which made your ankles ache and back hurt from carrying your backpack.
A soft pink and orange blanket covered the sky. Brushing back your (h/c) hair, you studied the stars, taking note of several constellations. Phaerys the Mighty, The Eniripsa, The Shallow Prince, and several more you've yet to name.
"Who are you?" The Voice came from behind a tree. One within the Forbidden Forest.
You tilted your head, walking closer. As you did, the voice spoke again.
"What have you? Are you a student?"
Nodding to the shadowed voice, you stopped several steps ahead of the tree, "I am. Come out, I'm unnarmed."
A lie.
:icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 4 4
Tomatsu The Eliotrope (AlternateAU) by TomatsuTheEliatrope Tomatsu The Eliotrope (AlternateAU) :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 15 4 Omei Travel Wear: Contest Entry by TomatsuTheEliatrope Omei Travel Wear: Contest Entry :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 12 6 Merna by TomatsuTheEliatrope Merna :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 1 0 Don't Leave The Box, Toma! by TomatsuTheEliatrope Don't Leave The Box, Toma! :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 7 5


Art improvement2016/2017 by EwaAliatrop Art improvement2016/2017 :iconewaaliatrop:EwaAliatrop 21 24 Contest Prize: Stylus Ruffles by WishingStarInAJar Contest Prize: Stylus Ruffles :iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 48 16 Crazy Rivality by 0dd-Eye Crazy Rivality :icon0dd-eye:0dd-Eye 30 6 An Act Of Self Preservation by Deviched An Act Of Self Preservation :icondeviched:Deviched 24 7
I've lost something (please read)
Hey everyone, so, I'll make this as short as possible. I don't want to sound like I'm fishing for attention. I'm just going to be venting about what I have noticed about my characters. In this case, mostly Omei.
In the latest months, Omei has become... Well. Empty.
And I realized that I am the one who made him such. I was afraid of making him an empty character, I wanted him to grow. But I did the complete opposite. I feel like I've taken pieces of his personality and put them aside to please others, and then forgot about them. I worked so hard on this character, so he could sound human. And now, I feel like I've lost most of it. I've drawn more cute things then actual plot related things. Hell, my story has been stuck on chapter three for months because I believed nobody cared about it. And with my story being stuck, it feels like my character's development has been stuck with it as well.
And I want that to change.
I want Omei to be whole again. To have a purpose, a story, a personali
:icon0dd-eye:0dd-Eye 6 27
WIP furry by Mizary-Roku WIP furry :iconmizary-roku:Mizary-Roku 17 8 please no... by Siizuro16071991 please no... :iconsiizuro16071991:Siizuro16071991 5 0 aaaaaghhh by Siizuro16071991 aaaaaghhh :iconsiizuro16071991:Siizuro16071991 6 8 :IF: Kane Julius Shim by Yzom :IF: Kane Julius Shim :iconyzom:Yzom 11 1
:IF: Kane Julius Shim (FULL BIO)

[ b a s i c s ]
Name: Kane Julius Shim
→ Bro (by Casey)
→  Teddy (by Eva)
→  Tank boy
→  Diablo
→  "That guy with the skull tattoo on his face" (by everyone who doesn't know his name) 
→  "That guy with the horns on his helmet" (Same as previous) 

May 22
Age: 24 cycles
Gender/Sex/Pronouns: Male || He/Him
Division: Kinetic
Rank: Support
Level: 1

[ a p p e a r a n c e ]
Physical: Kane is a tall man with a corpulent body that would intimidate every person that he sees, his eyes are red and his hair is black, under his helmet he has a Mohawk haircut (examples 
:iconyzom:Yzom 2 2
Outfit contest Artstarmi by Mizary-Roku Outfit contest Artstarmi :iconmizary-roku:Mizary-Roku 28 29 Our perfect moment by Mizary-Roku Our perfect moment :iconmizary-roku:Mizary-Roku 23 13 Drawing before sleep by Mizary-Roku Drawing before sleep :iconmizary-roku:Mizary-Roku 21 14 :IF:  Kane Shim by Yzom :IF: Kane Shim :iconyzom:Yzom 14 13 V I R U S by Yzom V I R U S :iconyzom:Yzom 15 10 Design: Thyme by WishingStarInAJar Design: Thyme :iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 38 11



Reasons why I have no life #31

I made 14 cards for the animatic all day yesterday. 
How to start off summer:
Work on an animatic of The Story of Tonight Reprise featuring your OCs drunk on apple juice. 

If Tomatsu ever had the chance to be a toddler she would spend literally all day outside. Rain, snow, mud. Nothing bothers her. 

Shiro,  out of pure fear of Aimée, tried to keep her clean. Emphasis on tried.

And yes, she is really flexible.

Shiro and Tomatsu belong to me.

Pandawa and Eliatrope belong to Ankama

Immediately inspired to draw this after watching an animatic By a spibbles.
THis is my friend's OC Ally. She's great.

Ally belongs to friend
YUGo belongs to ANKAma
CONgratulations belongs to Hamilton
Congratulations to BTS and Twenty Øne Piløts for winning their awards yesterday at the Billboard Music Awards!!!!!!
Please don't be afraid to do this with me! I hope to make everyone happy with their results!
*tosses cinnamon rolls at you*

♔ If we lived together... ♔
[ ] argue all the time
[ ] sex, sex, sex (*laughing* Nah Bro)
[ ] watch movies
[ ] prank call
[ ] chat
[ ] play fight
[ ] cuddle
[ ] kiss~  
[ ] throw a mean party
[ ] make out
[ ] whatever you want
[ ] I wouldn't want to live with you

♔ If we kissed by accident, I would... ♔
[ ] bite your lip softly  
[ ] kiss you back
[ ] slap you
[ ] laugh about it
[ ] stand there wondering if I should kiss you again
[ ] it wouldn't happen
[ ] it'll never ever ever ever happen, so don't get your hopes up

♔ If you held my hand, I would... ♔
[ ] lock my fingers in between yours
[ ] stand there like what the corn muffins are you doing  
[ ] let you keep it
[ ] pull away
[ ] idk

♔ If you hugged me, I would... ♔
[ ] hug you back
[ ] push away
[ ] be shocked
[ ] i wouldn't hug you

♔ Would I date you? ♔
[ ] yeah
[ ] maybe
[ ] nahhhhh
[ ] idk
[ ] nah we're basically brother/sister
[ ] already have

♔ If we walked home together, I'd... ♔
[ ] hold your hand
[ ] push you in a bush
[ ] trip you and run
[ ] give you a biiiiiiig hug
[ ] have a heart to heart conversation
[ ] act like idiots

♔ I can see us... ♔
[ ] living together
[ ] being close
[ ] not talking
[ ] married
[ ] chilling
[ ] partying together

♔ You should... ♔
[ ] talk to me more
[ ] chill with me
[ ] write on my page
[ ] stop being a stranger
[ ] text me
[ ] call me
[ ] skype with me
[ ] put this as your journal so i can comment on it


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United States
The world I live in is dull and boring. People overruled by technology.
That's why I take refuge in this world.
My own world.
That is why I must protect it.


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