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Pipsqueak! :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 7 4 Third Year Gryffindor :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 9 0 Coloured -Smol Comic :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 1 0 Yuki- Art Trade :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 5 4 Toma Stop :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 8 3 Breaking News :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 5 0 Draw Your Squad Meme: Le Gasp :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 7 2 Modern Wakfu: Teo doodles :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 2 0 Sherlock W.I.P :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 4 2 Small glimpse :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 5 0 Sometimes You Must Choose Your Battles :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 9 2 Modern Tomatsu: Hospital Gown :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 8 9 Marshmallow In a Blanket :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 10 13 The Essence of the Eliacube :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 6 4 New Character :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 2 0 Adult Tomatsu :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 1 0


Hogwarts AU: OC Bios (Students)
Jumping the bandwagon here! (Kind of going with 0dd-Eye 's format) However, doing my main ones. Cause I got a lot.
Tia Coopin:

    Tia Coopin is a fifteen, soon to be sixteen 5th year half-blood student at Hogwarts, sorted into Hufflepuff. A curious and engergetic girl, she isn't interested in brooding – she would rather go out and experience things, and doesn't hesitate to step out of her comfort zones to do so. She is a good student but doesn't spend enough time to get straight O's, although she is perfectly capable. Her best and favorite class is Charms, but also enjoys Herbology and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Although she and her sister never new their birth parents, they live happily with their adoptive parents, Dara and Renaud Coopin and their younger brother, Nico. Tia plays Quidditch on her house team as a chaser, alongside the captain, Mila. She has an excellent aim, but can be easily distracted by the Ravenclaw Keeper!
:iconmouse-la-flutist:Mouse-La-Flutist 7 1
Hogwart AU Jade :iconbertychan:BertyChan 6 9 ( AU ) Hogwarts Wakfu OC's :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 8 20 Sickbed Doodles: Erzulie the Eliotrope :iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 85 55 Erzulie the Eliotrope :iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 77 44 Wakfu Hogwarts AU: Alys and Baudouin of Gryffindor :iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 57 56 Cooking Disaster :iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 88 70 Hogwarts AU: Tia Coopin :iconmouse-la-flutist:Mouse-La-Flutist 19 12 Hogwarts AU: Catch the Chocolate Frog :iconmouse-la-flutist:Mouse-La-Flutist 13 8 Hogwarts AU: Isaiah and Queenie :iconmouse-la-flutist:Mouse-La-Flutist 18 5 B-Day Gifts :iconewaaliatrop:EwaAliatrop 15 11 Wakfu Mistakes and Broken hearts :iconartstarmi:Artstarmi 10 15 Looks good on you :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 8 2 Perversiones de Yuuki :iconpapetona:Papetona 23 17 Reading together :iconewaaliatrop:EwaAliatrop 23 23 Chocolat :icon0dd-eye:0dd-Eye 40 43



Hey guys! Just so you are amare I won't be able to get incline for the next week fue to the fact that I'll be visiting my aúnt in México. I hope everyone has a great Spring Break!
*Twenty tacos per  day here I come!*
Hey guys! Just so you are amare I won't be able to get incline for the next week fue to the fact that I'll be visiting my aúnt in México. I hope everyone has a great Spring Break!
*Twenty tacos per  day here I come!*
Toma's often critisized by her size. Especially against the other Quidditch teams. This why she often practices Quidditch to get revenge!

Wakfu-HogwartsAU belongs to Mouse-La-Flutist
Toma belongs to me
Wakfu belongs to Ankama
Harr Potter belongs to J.K Rowling.
Third Year Gryffindor
This is Tomatsu for Mouse-La-Flutist's Wakfu-HogwartsAU.
Toma lives in the school of Hogwarts and has a small chamber just for herself. The entrance is hidden behind the portrait of the great dragon, Phaerys. She has a small munchkin cat named Nova and is a Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
She loves the magical beasts around the school and often ventures deep into the Forbidden Forest late at night to search for more mythical beasts.
You'll often find her messing around with close friends or practicing her Quidditch.

Tomatsu belongs to me.
Wakfu-HogwartsAU belongs to Mouse-La-Flutist
Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling.
Wakfu belongs to Ankama
Who thinks I should posts self portrait of my OC's and myself?
It's been a day since I've heard of Black-Quose 's journal for this; she needs money to help support her family. Honestly, I wish I could buy from them. I can', thus why I'm making a journal for those who follow me who are willing to help her. 

From what I understand, correct me if I'm wrong, they'll be making for commissions to sell. 

Go go to their page and try to help with what you can.
I'll support you along the way.

- Toma


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The world I live in is dull and boring. People overruled by technology.
That's why I take refuge in this world.
My own world.
That is why I must protect it.


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